Kayaking in Connemara

Kayaking in Connemara

Love the water and feeling adventurous? Then kayaking in Connemara is an adventure-filled holiday for you!

Kayaking provides an exciting and unique way to explore the region’s great lakes and rivers amongst stunning countryside and rugged cliffs. Whether you prefer a leisurely paddle or a more challenging route, there are plenty of opportunities t explore the region by water.

There are several kayaking companies in the area that offer rental equipment and professionally-guided tours too, so whether you’re a pro with your own gear, or just want a new experience with the family whilst you’re exploring Connemara, then there will be an option for you. With its diverse landscapes, rich wildlife, and friendly communities, kayaking in Connemara is a wonderful way to experience the beauty and character of the region from a unique perspective.

Already dreaming of setting metaphorical sail down Connemara’s great rivers and lakes? Then you’ll need a place to stay! Ben Lettery is a friendly and comfortable hostel set amidst the region’s stunning countryside, perfectly located with many of the area’s best kayaking spots just a short drive away. The hostel also has storage options for all your kayaking gear. Check out some of our rooms here.

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